A Little Something About Us

Organic food are not so expensive , but we bring you the best organic foods at resonable price.

The Beginnings

My personal experience in the rice field for over 30 years , before it was lead by shri S.Tamilmoni(uncle). Our home business was lead by shri.Thaayammal(a self hand pound rice producer in our home).We had a small handmade rice boiling unit in our home samarasa veethi.Many old peoples know while they were saw our streets are producing our own paddy and then paddy pounded by small rice mill unit.

Due to the modernization the small rice mills changed their faces.ie Due to the introduction of many polishers ,the rice changed from hand pound rice to polished rice.Due to the introduction of polished rice people slowly changed from traditional rice to polished rice.For the past 30 years, due to the non availability of rice bran in the rice our health fell down.this happens not only in the rice , starts from rice ,salt ,milk etc etc…

Again we started hand pound rice and brown rice in 2000 onwards and sale our rice to kerala.Due to non awareness of health issue , we started an organic movement and with shri .we started a organic shop and hotel varaprastham – a complete organic food supply division is now called as “Ethnic foods” TRADITIONAL FOODS AND VALUE ADDED PRODUCTS.

Our Plans in the Future

As per the various research made the general scenario of india is kids below the age of 10 is highly depressed by various changes happened in life style , specially on our food culture. So taking this as our first responsibility we are putting a forward step to change the food habits of peoples by introduction healthy value added ancient food product to them. We are having a bigger future plan that make a vital positive changes in life cycle of human begins.


Our vision is bring back the health food culture by introducing the hand bound rice to each and every home , hostels , restaurants etc..